CPC & Fork Lift Truck Training 101

Since the beginning of time, men have seen the need to lift, move and transport heavy objects. You would have seen this need when the Egyptian slaves built the pyramid. And with the advent of science forkliftand technology, fork lift trucks and lorry trucks were invented to do these very things that humans were having trouble doing themselves. However, unlike other machinery or vehicle that can just be driven or operated by any one and every one, fork lift trucks and lorries need to be handled by special people. And these special people are those who have undergone fork lift truck and CPC training.

Forklift truck training forklifttrainingonsite.co.uk? CPC training? Those sound ridiculous, right? Wrong. Fork lifts and lorries need to be handled and maintained properly, thus, there is always a need for people to be trained with these vehicles. In forklift truck training, you will learn that there are four basic kinds of fork lift trucks, namely the following: diesel powered fork lift truck, LP-Gas powered fork lift truck, gasoline powered fork lift truck and electric powered fork lift truck. Once you have completed the training, before attempting to operate the fork lifts, you have to find out that you are using the correct kind of fork lift truck for your work area. During the fork lift truck training, you will also be taught the physics of operating fork lift trucks. You will find out that these types of trucks use their rear wheels for steering, which is way different from an ordinary car. You will also be introduced to the term Stability Triangle. The Stability Triangle is the area where the center of gravity of the item being lifted needs to be (for those who forget elementary physics, the center of gravity is the point where there is equal weight).

forklift1In Europe, if you are a professional bus driver, a coach driver or a lorry driver, you would need Driver’s CPC or Driver Certificate of Professional Competence from forklifttrainingonsite.co.uk. To obtain this certificate, you would actually need to ace a couple of initial qualification tests. These tests are both in theory and through practical. Once you pass these series of tests, you get to renew or keep the Driver CPC if you undergo thirty five hours of periodic training every five years. Also, once you passed the initial exams, new drivers who have qualified via the initial qualification route will receive a Driver Qualification Card (DQC), which they can show as proof that they hold Driver CPC. Since this mandate was only introduced in the year 2009, existing drivers with acquired rights have received their own DQC’s after they went through the thirty five hours of periodic training. The reason why trainings are offered for Driver CPC is that there will be a total of four exams that a driver needs to undergo on the initial qualification test and these exams need some preparation. There will be two Driver CPC theory exams at forklifttrainingonsite.co.uk, wherein the theory test would be both in multiple choice and hazard perception and the second exam will be making use of case studies. In the practical exam, it would be all about license acquisition and vehicle safety demonstration.